Working with WEGCDA

“While working with Women and Girl Child Development Association (WEGCDA) I have always had challenges,” says Ms Elliot Tumwijukye, the ED.

Nevertheless, my main goal is to see women and girls empowered and most of all economically to be able to participate in their own development.

“But, listen: most of days, even on the day of training, women and girls always want me to counsel them on gender based violence. Hear this, ‘ …. my husband, my boyfriend does not love me the way I do. He left me in the house with children with no food ….’ ”

Such stories are very common during the work of WEGCDA. However, we need to work together. Peace is very important – peace in our hearts, peace in our homes, peace in our communities and peace in our nation. Women, men, girls and all of us need to love and be loved in order to have peace, hence development.